Idaho Dad Donates Kidney to Daughter

This is a truly beautiful story out of Idaho. For this father, being an organ donor meant saving his daughter’s life. Matt Kortz gave his daughter, Lexi, one of his kidneys. His daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome called Joubert Syndrome. After the diagnosis, doctors found that Lexi was in stage-4 kidney failure.

“She’s my daughter, so I’m just going to get it done,” Kortz told KTVB. “I can’t have my little girl go away.”

Devastated by the situation, Kortz said he wanted to do whatever he could to help his daughter. The Kortz family said that the successful transplant brought color back to Lexi’s face.

Lexi is now at kindergarten at Frontier Elementary School in Meridian, and the family couldn’t be prouder of Matt. “He is truly our hero,” said his wife, Lori.

It’s news like this that really gives you hope in humanity as well as makes you remember that good things happen every day. Let’s not forget to cherish one another and know that nobody can get through life without any help. The help from a father to a daughter is just as valued as the help of a friend to a friend, and furthermore, a stranger to a stranger.

Let’s not forget to be good to one another, and that good deeds never go unnoticed.